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HONEST BROTHERS CARPENTRY is a small local business. Our business model is Honesty and a life of righteousness. We are a company based on skills and morality. Our goal is far greater then having a thriving business…Our goal is to live a faithful life that we can share with our community. Our goal is selflessness. Our aim is to build those around us as we continue to grow ourselves! Because of this, we will give you 100% of what you are looking for with competative prices and we will always go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction.

We are a family of like minded people United to serve those around us. We are carpenters and painters sharing our skills and talents to accomplish the results home owners want and need. We are honest in our pursuits to share love with the community around us and bring joy to everyone that seeks our service. If you have work to do…call the HONEST crew!

What we do

Installations, Repairs, Carpentry, Painting & More

Interior Painting

Whats on the inside? IT MATTERS. Transform your home and bring it back to life with the HONEST BROTHERS. Bring a new feel to your residence with some bright accented walls or some elegant and calm colors to “take the edge off”. We only use high quality paint to ensure customer satisfaction. Our Painters are skilled and ready to make your house come alive!

Cabinet Refinishing

It can be quite expensive to install new cabinets and to be HONEST…most of the time it isn’t needed. Save some money and let our professionals sand them down, put some fresh paint on, and give you a brand new kitchen to cook in!

Exterior Painting

Bad News: Paint peels…It is a sad truth but overtime (like everything else) its glory fades.

Good News: Our talented family of workers can restore the glory your home once had. 

Home renovations

Bathroom Remodels, Kitchen Remodels, Finishing basements and anything in between. You can count on us to get it done and get it done right. 

WIndows & Doors

Have your doors become hard to close over time? Are your doors drafty of hard to lock? Have you had your windows for over 20 years? Are they cracked and broken compromising your heat and air conditioning? Are your windows rotted arounded the frames or trapping moisture between the window panes? It may be time for something new. 


Wether you have an unfinished room or a few small patches that need fixing, you can count on us for any of your drywall needs.  

Our Clients Love Us

“These young men are actually angels. They bring such light and joy into your home that just their presence makes it into a happier place, and they fix up the home too!
I honestly wish I had the right words to recommend them enough, but there aren’t any. Let me just say this … I would, and will, hire them again in a heartbeat.
To the two Shawns and Elijah, I love you. All three of you. Thank you for everything you do.”

– Maggie B

“Hi all, the Honest Brothers Carpentry have been working their tails off (three times so far)… Just wanted to jump in here to say that if you have any painting and/or carpentry issues that need to be resolved, call the Honest Brothers Carpentry team. Shawn, Shawn, and Elijah are fun to deal with and are honest as the day is long!! They are always welcome in our home at any time!!”

– Paul B

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